2004 Public/Private Partnership Awards

The City of Augusta and OMI Wastewater Treatment System

Valued at $6 million annually, the contract between the city of Augusta and Operations Management International, Inc (OMI) and the City of Augusta provides operations and maintenance services at the J.B. Messerly wastewater treatment plant, the Spirit Creek wastewater treatment plant and a 400 acre wetlands treatment site. With an eye on the future, OMI and the City of Augusta have implemented a partnership founded on innovation, incorporation and education.

OMI has managed a $12 million worth of construction and upgrades to the J.B. Messerly treatment plant without interruption to the plant's ongoing solids preparation. Completed under budget, the plant could re-invest some of the construction funds into other programs. Additionally, OMI and the city review process and implement changes and upgrades as needed.

The partnership is also committed to the city. OMI makes every effort to do business with local vendors, keeping revenue in the city, including a water and wastewater training center. This center will bring water and wastewater professionals together to explore trends and challenges in water management. The 400-acre wetlands treatment site serves as an educational tool, allowing schools to study water, birds, animal and plant life.

Recognizing that public-private partnerships are challenging. OMI and the City of Augusta have committed to working with each other, the community and industry for a "win-win-win" situation.

For more information, please contact Mr. Justin Pauly; 706-312-4154 (phone); 706-821-1835 (fax); mayoryoung@co.richmond.ga.us or Ms. Susan Mays, 720-286-4280 (phone), 303-740-6997 (fax); e-mail: smays@omiinc.com.