2004 Public/Private Partnership Awards

Motorola and the City of Baltimore

The city of Baltimore's "one call to city hall" vision began in 2000, with the launch of 'CitiStat", a citywide management program which tracked citizens complaints and benchmarked operational efficiencies. In 2003, the City and Motorola have partnered to deliver " CitiTrak", allowing city departments to commit to service intervals.

CitiTrak has streamlined the processing and resolution of citizen's requests and allows officials to track and measure the speed and effectiveness of responses. CitiTrak provides Baltimore with citywide service intake, either by phone or the web and enterprise wide, high level work order management. Motorola's features include features important to municipal governments, including automatic address validation, geo-coding of service requests and the elimination of duplicate service requests.

The data captured by CitiTrak has allowed the city to establish benchmarks for more than 250 service requests. Most importantly, the streamlining of service requests has allowed the city workers to operate more efficiently, resulting in less overtime and quicker complaint resolution.

For more information, contact Mr. Christopher Thomaskutty, Office of the Mayor, 410--396-4721 (phone); 410-625-8707 (fax); e-mail: chris.thomaskutty@baltimorecity.gov or Ms. Peggy Roberts, 847-576-6711,(phone); 847-538-3642 (fax); e-mail: peggy.roberts@motorola.com