2004 Public/Private Partnership Awards

City of Chicago and Linebarger Goggan Blair & Simpson, LLP

The City of Chicago and Linebarger Goggan Blair & Simpson, LLP (Linebarger Goggan) have developed and implemented a collection system aimed at increasing fee and fine collection, streamlining the enforcement system and raising the public's awareness of the importance of voluntary compliance.

Under the new system, the City has been able to redirect and reassign financial and staff resources while increasing the revenue collected from delinquent fees and fines. In just one year, The City has received over $17 million in revenue from delinquent fees and fines. Linebarger Goggan acts as a professional collection agency on behalf of the city, at no cost to the citizens. In order to address delinquent accounts, Linebarger Goggan worked with the City's revenue and Law departments to identify and target 5,000 chronic violators. The firm automated the compliant handling process, freeing up four city staffers. The new program also transferred the judicial process to the Department of Administrative Hearings (DAH), permitting the circuit courts to focus on other matters.

The partnership between the City and Linebarger Googan provides direct and indirect benefits to Chicago's economy. In addition to the $17 million in collected fines and fees, the firm provides full time employment to 30 personnel and contributes more than $1 million in salaries to the economy.

For more information, contact Ms. Bea Reyna-Hickey, Director of Revenue, 312-744-0512 (phone) 312-744-2303 (fax) or Mr. Scott D. Wylie, 312-655-0160 (phone); 312-655-0161 (fax) e-mail: scott.wylie@publicans.com