2004 Public/Private Partnership Awards

City of New Orleans and Intrado

In response to two devastating hurricanes and a rash of nation-wide child abductions, the City of New Orleans, The Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Intrado implemented the IntelliCast Target Notification System.

This critical addition to the City's emergency management and public safety plan extends New Orleans's personnel resources during an emergency, equipping public safety officials with an efficient and cost effective public notification system. The IntelliCast System allows city officials to contact thousands of individuals with information about and instructions on any emergency. In the case of a missing or abducted child, the city can send out a description of the child and abductor, and queues for a full AMBER ALERT. New Orleans chose the IntelliCast system because of its' high calling capacity, accuracy of telephone numbers and geographic information system (GIS) database

For more information, please contact Mark Scott, 7303-888-4636 (phone), 720-494-6600 (fax) e-mail: mscott@intrado.com or Garey Forester, Office of the Mayor , 504-565-7987 (phone); 504-565-7742 (fax); e-mail: gareyf@new-orleans.la.us