2004 Public/Private Partnership Awards

City of Portland and Bechtel Corporation

Light rail to Portland's airport came ten years earlier than planned- as a result of an innovative public-private partnership between the City of Portland, Portland's regional transit agency, the Port of Portland and Bechtel Corporation. In order to complete the project ahead of schedule and under budget, the partnership depended on some innovative cost sharing ventures and intergovernmental cooperation.

The $125 million project was financed locally- no federal appropriations, state general funds or additional property taxes were used. In additional to local funding sources, Bechtel and Trammel Corporation provided 20% of the funding in return for a long term lease at CascadeStation, a 120 acre mixed use commercial development along the light rail line. Eighty-five agreements between the local public agencies were executed. An accelerated decision making model was maintained, completing all approvals in nine months.

The light rail continues to meet the challenges of Portland's growth with improved delivery of services. The project also has tangible economic benefits, including building economic capacity, job creation, increased private investment in CascadeStation, deferring taxpayer costs, and new federal dollars. The light Rail project supports the livability of Portland, through the creation of an effective transit system, reducing the need for highway and street expansion, alleviating traffic congestion, improving air quality and encouraging transit-oriented private development.

For more information, please contact, Howard Menaker, 202-828-7364 (phone), 202-785-2645 (fax) e-mail: hmenaker@bechtel.com or Ms. Hannah Kuhn, 503-823-7589 (phone), 503-823-3588 (fax) e-mail: hkuhn@ci.portland.or.us