2004 Public/Private Partnership Awards

Washington, D.C., COMCAST and The Fannie Mae Foundation

The District of Columbia, COMCAST and the Fannie Mae Foundation have partnered to implement a three-pronged strategy to increase adult literacy. Emphasizing coordination, capacity building and communication, this partnership aims to reduce the current 37% illiteracy rate by 30% and has already exceeded it's goal of a 10% reduction in 2003.

The mission of the Lifelong Learning Initiative is to expand all public and private resources and direct them into an integrated network of neighborhood and work-based learning centers. Currently, the partners are focusing on the construction and community outreach for four new Lifelong Learning Centers. Strategically placed, these centers will offer pre ABE and ABE (Adult Basic Education), coursework pre-GED programs, GED coursework, workplace basic essentials and English as a Second Language programs.

To date, Comcast and Fannie Mae have committed more than $2.1 million in financial and in-kind support, including high-speed Internet access and technical support. Over the next 18 months, the District, COMCAST and Fannie Mae project more than 12,000 residents will benefit from the Lifelong Learning Initiative.

For more information, please contact Mr. Bret Perkins,215-981-8408, e-mail: Bret_Perkins@comcast.com, Stacey Davis Stewart, 202-274-8080 (phone), 202-274-8100 (fax) e-mail: rcarter@FannieMaeFoundation.org; or Kelvin J. Robinson, 202-727-4310; 202-727-2975 e-mail: kelin.robinson@dc.gov