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Arlington Heights, IL - Mayor Arlene Mulder

New Arlington Heights Senior Center

For 15 years, the Village of Arlington Heights provided educational, recreational, health and other services to its growing senior population from its Park Place Senior Center which was located in a former school building owned by Arlington Heights School District 25. In 1996, School District 25 informed the Village that it would not be renewing the lease for the Center because it had other development plans for the site.

The Village immediately embarked on a plan to design and construct a new Center. A portion of a vacant shopping center was purchased, remodeling plans were developed, and construction was started in 1997. The project included selective demolition; exterior and interior improvements; a parking lot and other site work; heating, cooling and ventilation; and electrical power, distribution and lighting. The renovated 44,000-square-foot facility replaced what had been a vacant, 23,000-square-foot building.

While the Village committed general funds to finance the new Senior Center, additional financing was needed. The Village issued $4.6 million in 20-year General Obligation Bonds; with interest, these bonds actually totaled $7.23 million. Local funds of $4.18 million and CDBG funds totaling $3.05 million are being used to pay the debt service on the bonds over the 20 years. Ordinarily, CDBG funds can be committed for only two years, but the Village obtained a waiver from HUD which permitted the 20-year commitment. This involved $200,000 in CDBG funds in the first year and $250,000 in each of the succeeding 19 years.

A 30-member Arlington Heights Senior Center Relocation Advisory Committee - including non-profit senior service providers, educational institutions, senior commissions and committees, senior housing providers, local government officials and health care providers - was formed to identify the main components of the Center. Opened to the public in February 1998, the new facility offers diverse and expanded services including outreach, nutrition, exercise, and social and support. In addition to housing Village-sponsored programs, the Center provides space for other organizations including the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Park District and Nurses' Club; Catholic Charities; the Community Nutrition Network; Northwest Community Healthcare; and the Resource Center for the Elderly. The Center is used each day by approximately 350-500 people from Arlington Heights and several nearby suburban communities.

Contact: Nora Vogt, Housing Planner/CDBG, (847) 368-5200

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