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Montebello, CA - Mayor Kathy Salazar

Montebello Woman's Clubhouse

As part of its CDBG Citizen Participation Plan, the City of Montebello conducts at least two community meetings annually to obtain resident input on the potential use of CDBG funds. It was in one of these meetings, in 1994, that members of the Montebello Woman's Club first approached the City with a question: What would it take to obtain CDBG funding to restore their deteriorating clubhouse?

The question registered with City officials who had wanted to create an historic district in the heart of Montebello: The clubhouse was located in the area targeted for the district, and the request for redevelopment of the building came from that community.

Prior to taking on this project, the City had not utilized its CDBG program or staff resources for an historic preservation project. Over a three-year period, however, the City worked with and assisted a local non-profit agency, the Montebello Woman's Clubhouse, in a successful effort to place its building, constructed in 1925, on the National Register of Historic Places. Once the designation was received, the City committed $275,000 in CDBG funds to the full restoration of the building to its original Spanish Colonial Revival condition.

The process of bringing the clubhouse back to life had a very positive side-effect, according to Montebello officials: It added cohesion to the community. By working together closely throughout the process of obtaining the historic designation and renovating the building, City Council members, City staff and club members - residents of the area - developed relationships expected to benefit the community as a whole in the years ahead. And over the past three years, officials say, similar working relationships have been developed with other residents and organizations.

The success of the clubhouse restoration has provided the impetus for additional projects in the immediate area, moving Montebello closer to its goal of a fully restored historic district in the heart of the community.

Contact: Dolores Gonzalez-Hayes, Community Development Grants Program Monitor, (213) 887-1395

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