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Scottsdale, AZ - Mayor Sam Kathryn Campana

Homeward Bound, Inc.

Scottsdale maximizes scarce federal resources by partnering with non-profit housing providers who can access private resources to address the needs of their clients. This year Homeward Bound, an award-winning provider of transitional housing and case management to homeless families, recognized the city of Scottsdale as one of its Community Partners.

Over the last five years, Homeward Bound has received CDBG public service funds from Scottsdale for transitional housing and case management services. During that time, it also has received CDBG and HOME funds to acquire and rehabilitate 16 single-family residences which now are part of the permanent inventory of the transitional housing program. These homes are scattered throughout Scottsdale and blend into the communities in which they are located. The homes are available to the agency's client families for two years as they move toward self-sufficiency.

During its two years with Homeward Bound, each family is supported by a volunteer agency which helps with furniture, skill building, clearing bad credit and training for homeownership. These volunteer agencies include some of the largest law firms, accounting firms and churches in the Phoenix metropolitan area, along with employees of smaller businesses who want to contribute to Homeward Bound's efforts to help these families. Homeward Bound staff provides ongoing case management services to the families. With this strong support system, most of the families who enter the program are fully self-sufficient within two years.

Contact: Paul Ludwick, Community Assistance Manager, (602) 312-2309


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