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Edison, NJ - Mayor George Spadaro

MR. FIX-IT Program

Through Edison's MR. FIX-IT Program, funded through the City's CDBG program, minor repairs and safety inspections are performed in the homes of eligible elderly and disabled Township residents. Services are available to homeowners, renters and mobile home dwellers. Services and repairs normally provided by landlords are not included in the Program.

Priority is given to repairs that affect the safety, health and/or security of the residents. They can include mandatory home safety inspections; repair of broken windows or doors; simple plumbing repairs; stair repairs; installation of grab-bars; simple electrical repairs; repair of small appliances; weatherstripping; removal and reinstallation of screens and storm windows; installation of hooks, pictures and curtain rods; installation of smoke detectors; installation or removal of window air conditioners; and installation of locks, deadbolts or security viewers. All necessary materials are purchased by the Program. The client must be present for the service to be performed, and the client must furnish proof of income for all persons in the household.

To the extent possible, requests for service are answered in the order in which they are received, although urgency, the talents of available workers, and the geographic location of the repair site are taken into account. An exception is made when there is an extreme emergency involving a safety or health hazard.

All employees and volunteers in the Program are considered to be "handypersons" - not necessarily experts. They use their judgement on the job and are authorized to decline to perform a repair or service. Excluded services include major appliance installation or repair, painting (except as part of another repair or installation), interior decorating, roofing repairs, yard maintenance, heavy lifting, installation of ceiling fans or hot water heaters, and repairs to furnaces, heaters and other warming devices. The program does not dispose of refuse, used appliances, containers or other materials, and does not arrange for pick-up of such items; disposal and/or recycling remain the responsibility of the homeowner or landlord. The Program also will not perform a service that requires a permit, variance or inspection by a governmental agency or official.

Begun in August 1995, the Program has received $30,000 in CDBG funds. Since its inception it has served 1,455 households.

Contact: Jaime-Ann Zangari, Housing and Community Development, (732) 248-6416

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