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Fontana, CA - Mayor David Eshleman

Multi-Family Revitalization Program

In partnership with private investors and nonprofit organizations, the City of Fontana uses its Multi-Family Revitalization Program to target pro-actively selected properties and/or multi-family neighborhoods for acquisition, substantial rehabilitation and professional management. Properties are targeted for acquisition based on a history of frequent calls to the Fontana Police Department for service, the level of code enforcement activity, extremely high vacancy rates and significant physical deterioration.

Examples of the numerous projects which have been undertaken through the Multi-Family Revitalization Program include the following:

  • •Working with the Oldtimers Foundation, the City of Fontana completed the acquisition and substantial rehabilitation of a 21-unit multi-family apartment complex. The property was targeted because of its history of police and code enforcement activity and because of its high vacancy rates and significant blight. The City considered revitalization of the apartment's neighborhood to be extremely important because a new elementary school was opening there. To complete the project, the City used a total of $580,000 in HOME and CDBG funds which were loaned to the Foundation to acquire, rehabilitate and professionally manage the project; the Foundation agreed to repay $235,000 of the HOME loan by obtaining "take out" financing from an institutional lender. The balance of the funds are due in 30 years or upon sale or transfer of the property.
  • •Working in conjunction with the Police Department, the City's Department of Housing and Business Development used CDBG funds for the substantial rehabilitation of a 10-unit multi-family property that would be used as a domestic violence facility. The City leases the building to Option House, a local non-profit service provider, for $1.00 per year, and Option House is responsible for all of the management and operating costs associated with the facility. Despite the fact that the Police Department received 100 calls for service related to domestic violence per month, there was no domestic violence facility within a 15-20 mile radius until the opening of this one.
  • •Working with private investors, the Department of Housing and Business Development acquired and substantially rehabilitated three buildings containing 11 units. These buildings are located in an area in which 70 percent of the buildings have been rehabilitated and are being professionally managed, and their rehabilitation has resulted in a dramatic decrease in calls to the Police Department and in code enforcement activity.

Contact: David R. Edgar, Director of Housing and Business Development, (909) 350-6739

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