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Citizen Contact Tracking System

1. Briefly describe the structure of your program.

It is commonly known that the level of contact between minorities and police is tracked nationwide. There is a perception that in the Boston area people of color are singled out and stopped based on race alone. The Brookline Police Department has attempted to address this issue through training and supervision and has taken administrative steps to track police contacts with minorities. The Brookline Police Department maintains statistics and breakdowns by arrests, traffic violations, field interrogations and also internal affairs complaints.

In Brookline there is a Human Relations -Youth Resource Committee which is appointed by the Board of Selectmen. This committee meets once a month to discuss issues relating to race relations, religious issues, youth issues and other community related topics concerning the Town of Brookline.

The Captain of the Community Relations Division is a full-time member of this committee. In this role he shares police information and receives responses from the committee regarding the above issues. The Chief of Police, the Community Relations Captain and the Human Relations Committee meet every six months to review the statistics that have been compiled over the previous six months involving police contacts with minorities in the above mentioned arenas.

We strongly feel that this program has not only been beneficial to the community but it is a proactive step in creating a better relationship between citizens and the police. Based on these statistics, because of our training programs we feel that our officers are better equipped to handle sensitive race relations issues.

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