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Houston Police Department Community Outreach Division

1. Briefly describe the structure of your program.

Attached are programs and projects of the Houston Police Departmentís Community Outreach Division which were specifically developed to promote tolerance and respect for racial, cultural and lifestyle diversity between the department and the community. As liaison between the police and community, generally, all programs created by this division are inherently designed to accomplish this purpose; however, the following programs are included to highlight those developed to specifically address the subject areas:

  • Multi-Cultural Reception
  • Multi-Cultural Workshops
  • Prejudice Awareness Summit
  • Ministers Against Crime Program
  • Citywide "March on Crime" Parade - "Celebrating Diversity"

The Community Outreach Division (C.O.D.) is a totally civilian division comprised of a small multi-ethnic staff of community relations professionals. Reporting directly to the Chief of Police, this division has an integral role in shaping the police departmentís position in the community.

C.O.D. has the specific and primary responsibility of identifying, analyzing and addressing problems arising between the Houston Police Department and communities with diverse interests, ethnicities, cultures and languages.

Programmatic strategies with each community are distinct and tailored to meet the distinctive needs of the people; however, all programs are designed with the implicit objective of creating and fostering positive relationships.

The Vision and Mission of the Community Outreach Division establishes the framework and foundation that proactively promote inclusiveness, tolerance and mutual respect for all citizens.

The Vision

Police officials and citizens working together with mutual respect and understanding; communicating in a positive manner toward the suppression of crime; while capitalizing on the extraordinary ethnic and cultural diversity in Houston; seeking to preserve liberty and justice for all citizens, thereby making Houston a more peaceful, safe and enjoyable place to live.

The Mission

Facilitating positive relations between the Houston Police Department and the diverse citizens of Houston, by promoting mutual respect and understanding through innovative, sensitive programs and projects that emphasize the maximum benefits of working together to reach common goals and objectives.

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