Mayor Kirk Watson

Family Violence Protection Team

The Austin Family Violence Protection Team was initiated in May 1997, by the Austin Police Department and aims to increase the arrest and conviction rate for violators of the family violence laws in Texas. The program coordinates the major law enforcement agencies dealing with family violence in Travis County. It also includes the efforts of a prosecutor to assist in case preparation, as well as several attorneys to assist victims with civil issues. There are also referral agencies contracted to assist with counseling services for victims, family members and suspects.

The effort is funded by a $15,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice Violence Against Women Grants Office which helps to support the work of six police personnel and ten civilian employees.

CONTACT: Lt. Mike Kimbro, 715 East 8th, Austin, TX 78701, Telephone - (512) 480-5125, Fax - (512) 480-2916.

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