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The "PEACE" Project

In October, 1996, the U.S. Department of Justice, through the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), awarded the Boston Police Department $200,000 for the PEACE Project, a domestic violence prevention initiative. This initiative responds to the problem of domestic violence in a twofold strategy. First, it allows district domestic violence detectives to better serve victims through the support of specially trained, district-based civilian outreach workers (PEACE Liaisons) whose job it is to work with victims in providing them with referrals, ongoing support and safety planning.

Secondly, the longer term strategy of the PEACE project focuses on positively effecting institutional response to victims and perpetrators of domestic violence through Boston's Domestic Violence Roundtable. The Roundtable coordinates the work of the Boston Police Department, the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office (Victim Advocates), the Massachusetts Coalition of Battered Women's Groups (MCBWSG), the Mayor's Office (Women's Commission & Intergovernmental Relations) and Boston's Public Health Commission. These stakeholders are committed to long-term improvement in the coordination of services through systemic and institutional change efforts, based upon building a better service delivery system for domestic violence victims and their families.

The initial components of the PEACE project include: 1) the joint training of five domestic violence PEACE Liaisons; 2) the hiring and placement of the five liaisons to work out of the neighborhoods most adversely affected by domestic violence; and 3) the continuance of commitment and focus of Boston's Domestic Violence Roundtable.

The PEACE Liaisons will work under the support and supervision of the domestic violence detectives in the affected districts. The Liaisons will offer follow-up services, referrals, outreach and other coordinating services with members of Boston's Domestic Violence Roundtable and community-based service providers.

The PEACE Project involves the work of approximately 120 people, only five of which are paid personnel, the remainder are volunteers.

CONTACT: Maria Cheevers, Boston Police Headquarters, 154 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116, Telephone - (617) 343-4399, Fax - (617) 343-5073.

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