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Carol Stream Police Department - Social Service Unit

The Carol Stream Police Department - Social Service Unit is a support service to the Police Department. The program was originated to allow social workers to intervene and connect with residents that are calling on the police to resolve their personal family problems. The main objective is to help people resolve their situations with a professional therapist, rather than calling the police to mediate their personal disputes. The number one concern of the police department is domestic violence, which generates a great deal of activity for police officers. The Social Service Unit provides free counseling to residents. Clients are obtained through intense follow-up including phone calls and letters to all resident involved in the police paperwork. By having three full-time social workers working collaboratively with the police, the unit can intervene and generate healthy solutions to family problems.

The Carol Stream Police Department - Social Service Unit operates with an approximate annual budget of $175,000 in city funding which supports four police personnel, three full-time social workers and one part-time clerk. The program also has anywhere from one to four interns at any given time.

CONTACT: Mindi Thomas, LCSW, 500 N. Gary Avenue, Carol Stream, IL 60188, Telephone - (630) 871-6281, Fax - (630) 668-2397.

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