Mayor Shirley Horton

Domestic Violence Community Awareness Program

The Chula Vista Domestic Violence Community Awareness Program places informational brochures on the subject of domestic violence in the women's restrooms of restaurants and bars located within the city of Chula Vista. Along with the informational brochures, a card with a toll-free number and resource information is provided.

The primary reason for the project is to provide information and resources to domestic violence victims who would otherwise lack access and knowledge of available services. Statistics show that alcohol is a contributing factor to domestic violence. By providing women who are in an alcohol rich environment with information and resources regarding domestic violence, they can become informed and gain access in a relatively safe environment. They can read the information without the fear of the male batterer finding out or preventing them from gathering the information.

This effort is funded by $1,000 in grants and community donations and is operated by one police officer and one volunteer.

CONTACT: Sergeant D.W. Hunter, 276 Fourth Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91910, Telephone - (619) 585-5775, Fax - (619) 691-5281.

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