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Zero Domestic Violence Program

In October, 1996, in response to the problem of finding ways to solve and follow-up on domestic violence cases where the victim or witness was unwilling to participate, the city of El Cajon implemented the Zero Domestic Violence Program. In conjunction with Crisis House, the El Cajon Police Department selected police personnel dedicated to this endeavor, and made them available to interact with victims in a one-on-one basis in order to assist in the successful issuance of domestic violence cases by the District Attorney. Success in the program is measured by the lack or recurrence and increased conviction rates for domestic abusers.

The program incorporates several coordinated efforts including:

  • Reeducation of patrol officers in documenting and obtaining evidence in domestic violence cases;
  • Reeducating the public with anti-domestic violence materials;
  • Implementation of a domestic violence hotline (619/588-5008), whereby chronic domestic violence can be reported 24-hours with anonymity permitted;
  • A motel voucher program for use during the night hours when emergency lodging for domestic violence victims is often needed;
  • An informational brochure indicating not only the symptoms of domestic violence, but resources and guidance to break the destructive chain;
  • Preparation of a video on domestic violence;
  • Networking with other agencies to establish a 911 cellular phone program for domestic violence victims in life threatening circumstances;
  • An advertising campaign utilizing the local billboard media to convey an anti-domestic violence message and provide the hotline number;
  • Contacting all domestic violence victims and sending them informational material regarding community support services and anger management classes whether prosecution is desired or not; and
  • Counseling offered through the Crisis House for all domestic violence victims, as well as food, clothing, financial support and emergency housing. Assisting victims in obtaining restraining orders is another valuable service provided.

The Zero Domestic Violence Program has an approximate annual budget of $286,788 in El Cajon Police Department and Crisis House funding which supports the work of two police officers (a supervising sergeant and detective), and four civilian employees (two police department and two Crisis House).

CONTACT: Robert R. Moreau, Chief of Police, El Cajon Police Department, 100 Fletcher Parkway, El Cajon, CA 92020, Telephone - (619) 579-3351, Fax - (619) 444-8312.

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