Mayor Carlos Ramirez

Domestic Violence Prevention Coordination Unit

The Domestic Violence Prevention Coordination Unit was initiated in January, 1997, to develop and provide training to diverse groups in the prevention of domestic violence. The main objective is to impanel a commission of practitioners to effectively intervene in domestic violence cases and develop a multi-agency intervention process to involve community support. The commission will examine how each agency currently addresses the issue of domestic violence through policies and procedures. The commission will identify system weaknesses, prioritize the most vital weaknesses, identify improvements and develop recommendations. The commission will develop a set of vision, values and outcomes to guide future improvements with input from community members.

The project will develop and offer training to police officers, prosecutors, judges and community members. The issue of domestic violence will be tracked using various statistics collected from commission members, and repeat offenders will be targeted for either prosecution or counseling. The unit will transfer cases to individual services provided for abusive persons.

The project will be considered effective if a viable system is developed among the commission agencies. Statistics on the incidence of domestic violence and a decrease in repeat offenses will indicate the effectiveness of the system.

The unit has an approximate budget of $272,000 which funds 2 officers and 2 civilian police personnel, as well as two civilian employees and one volunteer. Funding is provided by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.

CONTACT: Sgt. Don Georgens, 911 North Raynor, El Paso, TX 79903, Telephone (915) 564-7356, Fax - (915) 564-7354.

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