Mayor John R. McCarthy

Teen Dating/Domestic Violence Prevention Program

Everett's Teen Dating/Domestic Violence Prevention Program was initiated in May, 1994 to assume a proactive role in dealing with the issue of domestic violence by introducing preventive education focusing on teen dating relationship. The program's goal is to instill respect into healthy relationships. In a series of five sessions, students are taught current law and the rights involved in domestic violence situations, as well as how the media portrays sex role stereotypes and how this precipitates domestic violence. Proper dating behavior, including same-sex relationships, is also addressed.

The program targets middle and high school students of both public and private schools within the city of Everett. It attempts to reach students who may or may not yet be involved in a dating relationship by exposing them to the elements of an abusive relationship.

Several objectives are achieved during the week-long program between students, teachers and the police. Students learn to recognize the early warning signs of an abusive relationship, and become aware of the resources available. Victims are encouraged to respond and act by getting out of abusive relationship before it is too late. The training also helps break down communication barriers and opens lines of communication by resolving existing problems, both at school and at home.

The two domestic violence detectives that run the program are funded by the City of Everett payroll.

Contact: Detectives Thomas Goyetche and Alfred Sabella, 45 Elm Street, Everett, MA 02149, Telephone (617) 394-2368; Fax - (617) 394-2283.

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