Mayor James R. Baines

Domestic Violence Unit

The Fairborn Police Department's Domestic Violence Unit was created in January of 1996, and offers victims of domestic violence and stalking expanded opportunities to participate at all critical stages of the criminal justice system. The unit is designed to assist victims through the criminal justice process by providing direct services that allow for active participation from the crime victim during all stages of reporting and prosecution -- thereby reducing victimization by the system and helping victims overcome the trauma.

The Domestic Violence Unit is available for 24-hours a day to provide crisis intervention, information, referral, emotional support and advocacy. Other services the unit provides include:

  • Assistance with transportation to court and/or local domestic violence shelter;

  • Advocacy with the police department, prosecutor and courts;

  • Assistance with victim compensation;

  • An information brochure regarding the court process and protections orders;

  • Assistance to victims in making appropriate input on bail determinations;

  • Referrals for victims to appropriate social services;

  • Assistance with victim impact statements; and

  • Assistance with procuring the prompt return of victim's property when possible.

The Domestic Violence Unit developed and maintains an advisory board that meets no less than three times a year. The advisory board membership consists of representatives from the City and County Prosecutor's Office, victim/witness division, victim assistance, children services, the municipal court judge and the local domestic violence project.

As 30% of the total population of the city of Fairborn is Appalachian, Domestic Violence Unit services are provided with sensitivity to culture differences. All members of the Domestic Violence Unit attend comprehensive training on cultural diversity.

The Domestic Violence Unit has an approximate annual budget of $53,500 provided by State of Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services funding. This funding supports the work of two police officers.

CONTACT: Sgt. G. David Jones, 70 W. Hebble Avenue, Fairborn, OH 45324, Telephone -(937) 754-3067, Fax - (937) 754-3004.

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