Mayor Paul C. Artman, Jr.

STOP Violence Against Women Program

Mayor Paul C. Artman, Jr.

The STOP Violence Against Women Program was implemented at the Greenville Police Department in June, 1996, to develop a domestic violence specialist whose duties include: working to link the efforts of the police, victim advocates, prosecutors, judges and healthcare providers having contact with families; perform follow-ups on all reported cases of domestic violence; and provide "ongoing" in-service training. The main objective is for the domestic violence specialist to follow-up on 50 percent of the victims who contact the police department. In addition, there are three other officers who provide assistance to the specialist in handling the case load. The domestic officers are responsible for follow-up on all domestic cases dispatched on shifts they are assigned to. The program's effectiveness is measured by an increase in public awareness of the program at the Greenville Police Department and a resulting increase in reporting of assaults, etc. to the department. The Greenville Police Department also has a counseling firm under contract to arrange counseling for batterers after their court appearance. Defendants are also placed on probation for 30 to 90 days under a probation service.

The STOP Violence Against Women Program has an approximate annual budget of $44,000 in state grant funding. This funding supports the work of four police officers.

CONTACT: Sergeant Carolyn Poindexter, 216 Main Street, Greenville, MS 38701, Telephone - (601) 378-1526, Ext. 245, Fax - (601) 378-9513.

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