Mayor Helen Selig

Community Policing to Combat Domestic Violence

The Hot Springs Community Policing to Combat Domestic Violence program utilizes two seasoned officers who were freed up by the hiring of two new officers under the guidelines of a federal grant. These officers are assigned normal patrol duties but are classified as domestic abuse officers. They are responsible for coordination of the law enforcement efforts with outside assisting agencies and referral organizations. Additionally, these officers respond to domestic violence situations and offer assistance, referral counseling and follow-up assistance, if needed. A computer specifically designated for use by the Domestic Violence team is currently on order but has not arrived. It will be utilized to store data, log referrals, track the budget and any other function directly associated with this grant. Statistical data and feed-back from outside sources will be the primary measuring guide utilized to monitor the program's effectiveness.

The program has an annual budget of $81,326 in federal funding which pays for the two full-time domestic abuse police officers.

A federal grant provides for the purchase of some professional quality video equipment which also has not been purchased, which is intended to be utilized in a number of ways including the production of public service messages informing the target audience about services available in the area of domestic abuse.

CONTACT: Susan Sanders, 641 Malvern Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 71901, Telephone - (501) 321-6789, Fax - (501) 321-6786.

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