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Malden Domestic Violence Task Force

The Malden Domestic Violence Task Force began in December of 1996. The goal of the task force is two-fold: 1) to bring community agencies together that commonly work with victims of domestic violence by creating a city-wide collaboration on domestic violence that will assist in education on new domestic violence initiatives; and 2) to increase services to victims of domestic violence who are hesitant to utilize services.

It has been a long-term concern and frustration in the Malden Battered Women's Movement that large portions of the community cannot get help because of linguistic, cultural or age barriers. It is difficult for most women to reach out for help when involved in an abusive relationship. It is disheartening to think that some women are unable to ask for help because they do not speak English, or they are infirm, or are not aware of available resources.

The Task Force is working on initiatives that will provide large-scale outreach to "untraditional" nonreporters. The Task Force hopes to accomplish three projects in 1997. The first committee will focus on increasing local media attention to domestic violence via billboards, pamphlets and periodicals. The second project is to create a domestic violence program on cable television in different languages. The third project is to create a domestic violence training for local police personnel.

The above simultaneous initiatives are still in their infancy. The Malden Domestic Violence Task Force is funded as part of Malden's U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, grant. This funding supports the work of three police personnel, one civilian employee, and approximately 15 volunteers from the community.

CONTACT: Amy Prisco, Malden Police Department, 200 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA 02148, Telephone - (617) 397-7171, Fax - (617) 397-0296.

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