Mayor Lydia J. Reid

"Community Policing Techniques Applied to Domestic Violence Crimes" Training Seminar

This innovative free training program, begun in October, 1996, gears its training toward law enforcement officers, law enforcement civilians and social service providers in an effort to acquaint each field with aspects of the work of other providers of domestic violence preventive services.

The first training session in a three-part series reviews basic law enforcement response to domestic violence, Ohio domestic violence laws, and protection orders. It introduced the Richland County Domestic Violence Protocol, a procedure manual formulated by an ad hoc committee known as the Domestic Violence Task Force. It also introduces agencies from the protocol, via a panel presentation and discussion.

The second day focuses on domestic violence investigations, reporting and officer understanding of the fear, intimidation and victimization present in domestic violence situations. The goal is to change officer and service provider attitudes toward domestic violence by shifting the focus from the victim to the offender, and by changing the outlook from that of a nuisance call to that of a crime, requiring investigation, reporting and a likely arrest.

The third day is experimental. It reviews problem solving practices, including the use of the SARA model, and then educates on techniques which can be applied to the crime of domestic violence. The session closes with a group problem-solving exercise and a presentation using actual domestic violence cases.

The training is provided in three one-day sessions, spaced two weeks apart, in order to accommodate the training day schedules of the Mansfield Police Department and the Richland County Sheriff's Office, the two biggest law enforcement agencies in the county. Other attendees appreciate the schedule because they aren't away from the office for three days in a row. This also helps save money on speakers because they give the same presentation to a different audience two days in a row. Other agencies in attendance include eight other police department, three other hospitals, probation, parole, juvenile service providers, social workers, Domestic Violence Shelter personnel, jail corrections officers, students and college teachers, police telecommunicators, nurses, prosecutors and psychologists.

The training session has an annual budget of $11,000 and involves 170 police personnel, 40 civilian employees and five volunteers. Sponsors include the United States Department of Justice (Community Policing to Combat Domestic Violence grant), the Ohio Attorney General's Office (provides speakers from the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy), Richland County Human Services (mini-grant), Richland County Sheriff's Office (lunch), North Central Technical College (training facility), The Center (sponsored continuing education credits), The Domestic Violence Shelter (partner in planning), The Richland County Domestic Violence Task Force (protocol and presentation), and Ryan's Steak House (reduced lunch price).

Contact: Lt. Marijan Grogoza, 30 N. Diamond Street, Mansfield, OH 44902, Telephone (419) 755-9740, Fax - (419) 755-9737.

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