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Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention Team

The Piscataway Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention Team was created in May, 1995, in response to an increase in domestic violence calls in the city. Team members undergo 40 hours of training in all aspects of domestic violence from it's root cause to obtaining restraining orders to court interaction. The training is supplied by a county approved organization, Women Aware, through the local police department.

Once team members complete their training, they become available to counsel victims 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Team counselors also provide a service to the police department by allowing police officers to turn over the counseling and completion aspects of their job to the counselors, freeing them up to return to service.

The team's reactive mission is to provide immediate emotional support to victims of domestic violence by counseling them in the following areas: 1) assist victims in addressing safety needs; 2) provide information and referrals; 3) to serve as a conduit between victims of domestic violence core service programs; and 4) to provide information about cycles of violence and abuse which illustrates to the victim various stages and reactions of abuse. The team proactively provides information to the public and private arenas by attending health fairs, street fairs, and producing infomercials on local access TV.

The Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention Team is funded with $2,600 in donations from private businesses. This funding supports the work of two police personnel and fifteen volunteer counselors.

CONTACT: Lt. Rich Gregory, 555 Sidney Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854, Telephone - (908) 562-2358, Fax - (908) 981-0657.

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