Mayor Susan Golding

Child Victims of Domestic Violence

Children exposed to violence between their parents were not being reported to Child Protective Services. The San Diego Police Department now sends case reports to the Police Child Abuse Unit from the Domestic Violence Unit so that the child witnesses of domestic assault are subsequently reported to Child Protective Services as victims of mental abuse.

This effort has allowed family violence files to be created so that families in crisis can be tracked. It is necessary to ensure that the children become more aware of the impact of the violent behavior between their parents on their psyche and later development.

This program, in place since August 1995, is funded by the Police Department Domestic Violence Unit operating budget, and involves 45 police personnel and six civilian employees.

CONTACT: Sgt. David Jones, 1401 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92191, Telephone - (619) 531-2509, Fax - (619) 531-2708.

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