Mayor Cynthia S. Mathews

Early Intervention Program for Battered Women

The Early Intervention Program for Battered Women was implemented to provide immediate support/referrals for the victims of domestic violence. The Santa Cruz Police Department functions in this program as a subcontractor to Women's Crisis Support, a local non-profit advocacy agency. Under the agreement, Women's Crisis Support employs victim advocates to respond to victims of domestic violence 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the request of law enforcement officers. These advocates contact victims by phone and in person and offer information about resources and referrals available to them. At the conclusion of the contact, the advocate forwards the information to the police department victim advocate for follow-up. This consists of telephone and/or personal contact with an offer of services to include a needs assessment, information of the criminal justice system, court escort/support, restraining order assistance, and referrals to other agencies for further services.

The Early Intervention Program for Battered Women has an annual budget of $28,421 in funding from the city of Santa Cruz and a grant from the State Department of Health Services. This supports the work of one police officer and one volunteer.

CONTACT: Lieutenant Howard Skerry, Investigation Section, Santa Cruz Police Department, 212 Locust Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, Telephone - (408) 429-3725, Fax -(408) 457-8215.

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