Mayor Carty Finkbeiner

Community Policing to Combat Domestic Violence

In August, 1996, the Toledo Police Department, the Lucas County Metropolitan Housing Authority and the Family and Child Abuse Prevention Center joined efforts to combat domestic violence in Toledo's low-income housing. The resulting effort, entitled Community Policing to Combat Domestic Violence provides court advocacy, education and support for both residents and law enforcement, a relocation program for residents when necessary, and funding of additional hours for the Domestic Violence Task Force. The Lucas County Metropolitan Housing Authority and the Toledo Police Department were concerned with the high number of domestic violence calls in Toledo's public housing, which led to the initiation of the program. The main goal is to reduce repeat domestic violence calls. The Toledo Police Department assigned a police officer to act as the Domestic Violence Police Specialist who provides support and education for both residents and law enforcement. The Domestic Violence Program Officer also provides aftercare for clients. A court advocate assists residents involved in the legal system, and a Community Planner assists with education for law enforcement, residents and the community. She performs all administrative duties and works with task force members to provide solutions to system flaws.

This program, with an annual budget of $198,742 provided by federal grant, attempts to meet both short- and long-term goals -- not only does it reduce homicides, officer injuries, stalking and domestic violence, but it also provides meaningful intervention in the violent behavior learned by children. The program is currently being evaluated by the University of Toledo.

Contact: Amy Lentz, 398 Nebraska Avenue, Toledo, OH 43602, Telephone - (419) 246-3165; (419) 534-7551.

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