Mayor M. Susan Savage

Tulsa Family Violence Council

In November, 1994, the city-funded Tulsa Police Family Violence Council became operational with the intent of 1) stopping violence, 2) protecting victims, and 3) holding abusers accountable in a timely manner. In addition, a 1996 COPS grant funds a victims' advocate and the cost of computer linkage between the Family Violence Council and the D.A.'s Office.

The goal of the Family Violence Council is to improve the system which affects victims of family violence and their families. The Steering Committee is composed of the County Sheriff, a County Commissioner, the District Attorney, the Police Chief, the Mayor, the Presiding Judge and the Executive Director of the local social service agency dealing with domestic abuse.

Each of the five working committees targets different populations. For example, the Health and Hospital Committee ensures that medical personnel receive training in domestic abuse identification and intervention, and that they understand their legal responsibility to report abuse. This committee designed and implemented a city-wide protocol for emergency room personnel who suspect domestic violence.

The Education Committee has distributed over 12,000 fliers which identify domestic abuse and provide referrals. The Committee has targeted school children and is working on a program directed toward preschool teachers.

The Data Committee examines statistics from police dispatch, the District Attorney's Office filings and disposition of cases to ensure that the system is responsive to victims. It analyzes trends and looks for responses to certain initiatives within the system.

The Children's Services Committee reviews the needs of children who are exposed to violence in the home. The Elder Abuse Committee is providing referral information to the elderly and the Legislative Committee has been very successful promoting legislation which increases penalties for domestic assault.

CONTACT: Hilary Kitz, 200 Civic Center, Tulsa, OK 74103, Telephone - (918) 596-7686, Fax - (918) 596-9010.

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