Mayor John R. Rooff III

Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART)

The Domestic Abuse Response Team was initiated in January of 1997 in response to increasing incidents of domestic violence in Waterloo. The program's objective is to use the exchange theory to take the victim's needs and place them onto community services, thereby showing the victim that they can live without the abuse that occurs. The program also seeks to keep the abuser responsible for his actions. This is carried out by the DART officer and a victim advocate speaking with the victims of abuse for these goals and making sure police cases are fully investigated for prosecution. Recidivism has gone down, dismissals have been cut in half, convictions have gone up, and victims using other community services has gone up because of this project. The effectiveness is being measured by comparing current statistics with those in past years.

The DART program is funded by a federal grant with city and county match in the amount of $125,639. This funding supports the work of one police officer and two civilian employees.

CONTACT: Melissa Smith, 316 East 5th Street, Waterloo, IA 50703, Telephone - (319) 291-2498, Fax - (319) 291-2716.

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