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Community Policing to Combat Domestic Violence Grant

The West Haven Community Policing to Combat Violence program is funded under a U.S. Department of Justice grant, with the purpose of providing a community policing approach to domestic violence issues. This is accomplished by providing additional services to the communities of West Haven, East Haven and Branford through their police departments working collaboratively with Domestic Violence Services of Greater New Haven -- a private, non-profit, social service program for victims of domestic violence. The federal grant provides the funding for the hiring of personnel and consultants to address the concerns and needs of victims and their families.

There are several objectives for the program including:

  • Services such as counseling, crisis intervention, problem-solving and general assistance provided to victims of domestic violence;
  • A safe meeting house for counselor/advocates and victims since officers have been established at the three police departments involved;
  • The strengthening of the public's perception of police as problem solvers, as well as strengthening police/community relations;
  • Providing follow-up support by victim advocates to the victim during the court process;
  • Providing police with an additional resource for victim referrals;
  • Providing police with a consultant regarding domestic violence issues;
  • Providing service 7 days a week to victims of domestic violence; and
  • Improving the exchange of information throughout the criminal justice system and social service agencies.

Each department has a full-time counselor/advocate stationed at their stations.

This program will be evaluated for its effectiveness through process evaluations and outcome evaluations. The outcome evaluations will be done by client and officer satisfaction surveys. A consultant will be hired to create two separate surveys. The number of cases handled by the counselor/advocate will be another measure of success. The counselor/advocates will maintain a daily log and these will be compiled on monthly reports. Comparative analysis can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The federal grant, in the amount of $180,305, supports the three officers overseeing the program (one per department), as well as four civilian employees. Officers from all departments can utilize the program resources.

CONTACT: Sgt. Colleen Smullen, P.O. Box 399, 355 Main Street, West Haven, CT 06516, Telephone - (203) 937-3914, Fax - (203) 937-3700.

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