William D. Arthur

Outstanding Achievement Award
The City of Holly Hill, Florida, and Waste Management
Privatization of Waste Removal Services

Holly Hill, Florida, has struggled to maintain high-quality public services in the face of steadily declining tax revenues. Holly Hillís population is low to moderate-income, with an average per capita income almost 10% below the national average. The challenge for the City is to come up with innovative ways to provide its 11,500 citizens with first-rate government services without raising taxes.

In the area of waste removal, the City has found privatization to be the answer. In 1998, the City negotiated with Jennings Environmental Services, Inc./Waste Management to provide the cityís garbage and trash removal services. After privatization, Holly Hill citizens immediately noticed lower monthly garbage fees coupled with improved services. The City benefited by receiving $500,000 in net proceeds from the sale of the trucks and various pieces of industrial equipment used in the city operation. With privatization, the City finally was able to solve the problem of a too costly, labor-intensive operation.

The $500,000 earned through the sale of the equipment made possible a wonderful new community asset. With this money and a $500,000 municipal bond, the City was able to break ground on a new 62,000 square-foot gymnasium. Holly Hill citizens use the gym for numerous activities from basketball to ballet and to support the activities of the Holly Hill Boys and Girls Club, the flagship club for the surrounding two-county area. Such youth activities play an important role in revitalizing an economically disadvantaged area, and General Colin Powell recently recognized the Holly Hill Boys/Girls Club in connection with Americaís Promise-The Alliance for Youth.

Out of the private/public partnership between Holly Hills and Waste Management came the essential funds for a creative program in the community. Given Holly Hillís constrained revenue position, such partnerships are vital to pursue these kinds of efforts. Holly Hill hopes to expand its community programs into literacy and senior citizen services. With similar ingenuity in financing, innovative programs for at-risk-youth, the low income, and seniors can be made possible, multiplying the effect of the original partnership.

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David Danford, Director of Marketing
Waste Management
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Ormond Beach, FL 32175
Telephone: (904) 673-0800
Fax: (904) 673-2789

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