Mayor Malloy

Reducing Neighborhood Speeding and Cut-Through Traffic with the Three "E"s

"I am deeply concerned with the security of all our residents, not only as it pertains to traffic safety, but in every aspect of life in our community. That being said, I should like to specifically address the issue of traffic safety measures presently being implemented on our city streets. In that respect, I feel that efforts such as the ones documented in those initiatives will not only help to ensure the safety of residents (and most especially children), but will also go a long way in preserving the integrity and quality of life in our neighborhoods."
- Mayor Malloy

Speeding and cut-through traffic on residential streets is a major concern to many residents in the City of Stamford. Residents have requested that measures be instituted to slow down vehicles traveling through their neighborhoods, reduce cut-through traffic, increase awareness of existing traffic problems, and enforce the existing traffic regulations.

The City of Stamford has taken a comprehensive approach to dealing with these issues by educating, enforcing, and engineering acceptable traffic calming measures that address the associated problems.

Education: Radar Trailer

The city has utilized a portable radar trailer to make the public aware of both the existing posted speed and the speed that the driver is currently traveling. The city maintains a log of locations where speed-related problems exist, and on a rotating basis the radar trailer unit is placed at those sites. Usually, the radar trailer unit is placed for one entire day facing traffic in one direction, and on the following day is placed facing traffic in the opposite direction. We have received positive responses from residents where the trailer has been deployed, and it raises awareness of drivers to the speeding problem. In many incidents, we have seen a reduction in speeding and voluntary compliance with the posted speed limits. The public has become aware of the program through local newspaper articles, the Traffic Advisory Committee, and public information meetings.

Enforcement: Targeted Patrol Units

After the radar trailer is utilized at a site for a few days, the Police Department deploys a patrol unit that monitors traffic by radar. Violators are ticketed or given a warning. Identifying where speeding is a problem has helped the city use our resources more efficiently. It has increased the visibility of the problem in given neighborhoods and has resulted in a positive partnership between members of the community, law enforcement, and city staff.

Engineering: Neighborhood Input

In neighborhoods where continued speeding and cut-through problems exist, the city has started working with neighborhood groups to install devices that address the specific traffic concerns of the community. Initially these have included pavement marking modifications and the placement of additional speed limit, warning, and advisory signs. The city is now in the design and implementation stage for traffic calming devices such as speed humps, roundabouts, diagonal diverters, and curb extensions. The City of Stamford has taken a comprehensive approach to solving neighborhood related problems and is committed to developing plans of action to solve local traffic safety issues.

Contact: Thomas Bruccoleri, Transportation Planner, Land Use Bureau, City of Stamford, 203/977-5398.

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