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Business Connections
Business Connections

The Mayors' Small Business Initiative
A Partnership between The United States Conference of Mayors and American Management Services, USCM Platinum Member

PartnerAmericaTM is a public-private partnership that was created by The United States Conference of Mayors and American Management Services, Inc. This program helps small and medium-sized businesses in cities across the nation improve profits and sales through management assistance. PartnerAmericaTM is designed to assist mayors in providing the resources and information small businesses need to thrive within their local communities and the global economy.

PartnerAmericaTM and the Conference recently signed an unprecedented 20 year extension to the very successful program. PartnerAmericaTM focuses on combining the resources and programs offered by local and federal government agencies, with the management and technical expertise provided by private enterprise. The program initiated the compilation and publication of Best Small Business Practices, assisted mayors across the country in hosting small business roundtables and conferences, and helps local companies enjoy sustained growth through increased profits and sales.

Looking ahead, PartnerAmericaTM will continue its efforts to link mayors and businesses with the necessary resources to foster thriving business communities that are so integral to the economy.

For more information about the PartnerAmericaTM program, contact Managing Director Jeffrey Bean at 202-446-8140 or email him at Kathryn Kretschmer-Weyland, Chief Operating Officer with the Conference can be reached at 301-460-5251 or by email at Information is also available by visiting and linking to PartnerAmericaTM.

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