Guidelines for Completing Your
City Livability Awards Application

Eligibility for Participation in the 2001 City Livability Awards Program

Every municipality in the United States is eligible to nominate one or more city government programs in any policy area, regardless of whether the municipality has applied for or received a City Livability Award in previous years. All programs initiated by the city government are eligible, including those developed and implemented in conjunction with private sector and/or community group participation.

City Livability Awards: Two Population Categories

The 20 City Livability Awards are presented in two population categories — ten Awards for cities of fewer than 100,000 people, and ten Awards for cities of 100,000 or more inhabitants. In each category ten Awards will be presented:

  • One First-Place City Livability Award;
  • Four Outstanding Achievement Awards; and
  • Five Honorable Mention Citations.

What Award-winning Mayors and Their Cities Receive

  • A hand-crafted, engraved City Livability Award sculpture, suitable for public display as a symbol of the city’s Award;
  • Permission to use the exclusive City Livability Award logo on municipal flags, stationery, street signs, t-shirts, etc.;
  • Press releases for winning cities as well as being the focus of a national media campaign by the Conference of Mayors and Waste Management to publicize cities’ achievements in their winning programs;
  • Publication in U.S. Mayor, the twice-monthly news publication of the Conference of Mayors, and a description of winning programs on the Conference’s Internet Web Site; and
  • Assistance in planning and conducting a local ceremony, in which the City Livability Award will be presented again to the mayor by representatives from the Conference of Mayors and Waste Management.

How to Apply

Cities participating in the 2001 City Livability Awards Program will submit an initial application of 500 words, due on Monday, March 12, 2001. From these applications, 20 finalist cities will be selected, and will be announced on April 2, 2001. Finalists will submit a more detailed application, due on Monday, April 30. Award winners will be announced at the 69th Annual Conference of Mayors in Detroit. Enclosed is the initial application form and information to assist you in completing your application.

Initial Application: Prepare a brief description of up to 500 words total of an outstanding and/or innovative program that your city government has developed, either recently or in the past. The program must be one that is currently operating.

March 12, 2001:Initial Applications due.
April 2, 2001: Announcement of finalist cities.
April 30, 2001: Finalists’ Applications due.
June, 2001: City Livability Awards Announced in Detroit at 69th Annual Conference of Mayors.

The questions are:

1) Describe your program briefly.
2) When and why was it created?
3) How has the program improved the quality of life in your community?
4) Why is your program outstanding or innovative?

  • Use up to 500 words to answer all four questions; that is, the total number of words for all four questions together should be no more than 500. Do not send any exhibit materials, photos, videos or anything other than the 500 word description of your program.
  • Staple the pages together for each application, with the cover sheet on top. Do not use binders, report covers, clear-front presentation binders, folders, etc. Send a total of five copies of the application for each program nominated.
  • You may select as many programs within your city as you wish to nominate, but a separate application must be completed for each program you submit.
  • Date application is due: Your 500-word application must be received in the Conference of Mayors’ offices on or before Monday, March 12, 2001. The deadline is firm. You can send your submission(s) by regular mail, Federal Express, UPS, or any mail system that you prefer but FAXes and e-mail will NOT be accepted.
Return five hard copies of the application to:

Kathy Amoroso
City Livability Awards Program
The U. S. Conference of Mayors
4th Floor, 1620 Eye Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20006
Telephone: 202.861.6723

Please include a stamped, self-addressed postcard with your application so that the Conference of Mayors can acknowledge receipt of your application. Do not call to ask if we have received your application; the returned postcard will acknowledge receipt.