Selection of Finalist Cities

On April 2, 2001, after all the applications have been reviewed by a small group of recognized urban government specialists,

  • all mayors who submitted an application will receive a FAX notifying them of the finalist cities, and
  • finalist cities will be announced on the Conference of Mayors’ Internet site, which can be accessed by the following:

Application for Finalist Cities

In the second part of the City Livability Awards process, the finalist cities will provide more information about their program, including supplementary materials such as videos, clippings, photos. Questions for this phase will be faxed to the finalist cities after they are announced on April 2. The finalists’ applications will be due in Washington in the Conference of Mayors’ office on Monday, April 30, 2001.

Independent Panel of Judges Will Select the Award Winners

From the finalist cities, an independent panel of judges will select the winners of the 2001 City Livability Awards. The judges will meet in late May to make their determinations.

Announcement of Awards

Announcement of the City Livability Award-winning mayors will be made at the Annual City Livability Awards Luncheon at the 69th Annual Conference of Mayors, in June, 2001, in Detroit. The Conference of Mayors will notify the 20 winning mayors in late May so that they can plan to attend the Annual Conference of Mayors Meeting.

What Award-Winning Cities Must Do

When making the decision to participate in the 2001 Program, please take into consideration the following requirements of Award winners:

  • All First-Place Winning Cities and Outstanding Achievement Award winning mayors must attend or send a designee to the Annual Luncheon of the 69th Annual Conference of Mayors in Detroit in June, 2001.
  • The two First-Place Winning Cities must hold a local ceremony within 90 days following announcement of the Awards in June. Conference of Mayors’ and Waste Management representatives will assist in planning the local ceremony and will be in attendance to re-present the Award to the Mayor.
  • All Outstanding Achievement Winning Cities are also expected to hold local ceremonies.