C O V E R  S H E E T
please print or recreate and attach to your application

I.  Please indicate population category here: 
    _______ Under 100,000
    _______ Over 100,000 
Please enter general subject area(s) of the program(s) submitted here from A-N (listed below): 

The general subject area(s) of the program(s) your city is submitting:

A. Arts, Culture, Parks and Recreation, Sports
C.City Government Processes and Procedures to Improve Operation
D.Community Development and Housing
E.Criminal and Social Justice, including Community Policing, Anti-Drug, Anti-Violence
F.Economic Development
G. Energy and Environment
H. Health and Human Services
I. International Trade
J. Jobs, the Workforce, Employment and Training; Labor-Management Relations
K. Transportation
L. Urban Policies and Processes
M. Water Issues
N. Other (Please specify briefly): ______________________

II. Name of Mayor

The Honorable __________________________________________

City Hall Address (street, city, state, ZIP): ______________________

Mayor's Telephone Number: ( ) _____________
Mayor's FAX Number: ( ) _____________

III. City Contact Person for This Application

Name: ____________________________
Title: ____________________________

Address (street, city, state, ZIP): ______________________

Telephone: ( )______________________
FAX: ( )______________________

Mayor's Press Secretary:
Name: ( )______________________
Telephone: ( )______________________
FAX: ( )______________________