Questions For Initial Application of 500 Words, due on March 12, 1999.

1) May our city submit more than one application? Yes, complete a separate application for each program submitted, with a total of five copies, stapled.

2) May we submit exhibit materials with the 500 word application? No.

3) Is it a total of 500 words for all four questions? Yes.

4) Is it possible to submit last year's application again? Yes. You should update it to reflect any changes over the past year.

5) How do I get an extra application packet? Fax your request to Kathy Amoroso at (202) 293-2352. Give name, address, and phone number of person to receive extra packet.

6) If there is a late-breaking change in our program, should we call or FAX that information in? No, just go with what you have. If you anticipate a change, note somewhere in your application that you believe that there will be a major opening or event coming up and describe it if you wish.

7) What if I discover a typo or other mistake after I have submitted our application? If it is before the applications are due in Washington, March 12, 1999, just resubmit five complete new copies, with an explanatory note on the top. If later, let the mistakes go.

8) Can we have an extension on the deadline of March 12, 1999? No.

9) How many copies of the 500 word application must be submitted? Five.

10) Can we have copies of our application back? No.

11) What are tips to make an application more competitive? Remember that the judges will be reviewing at least 300 applications. Quotes, interesting writing style, clarity, headings to break up the text, all help. (Headings must be included in the 500 word maximum.) Be to-the-point, clear, and indicate why your city should receive recognition for your excellent program(s).

12) What if this program began under a former mayor? What if the present mayor has only been in office a few months or days? That is all right. Still submit the program. If you find it helpful, describe the role of the previous mayor and the expected role of the present mayor.

13) Does my program have to be innovative, unique? No. If other cities are doing a similar program, you should still submit your program.

14) Do we need to call beforehand to let you know what and how many programs we are submitting? No.

15) Will the mayor be notified if we are not among the finalists? Yes, on March 26, 1999, by FAX. The list of finalists will also be on the Conference of Mayors Web Site.

16) Can I call early and find out who the finalists are? Please wait for the faxed announcement to your mayor and/or view it on the Internet Web Site of the Conference of Mayors on March 26, 1999.

17) What about the margins, spacing, etc. of the application? The application should be double-spaced, the font should be 14 pt or larger, margins can be the size of your choice, pages should be numbered, copies must be stapled separately (that is, each of the five should be stapled). Please do not use anything but a staple to fasten each application together; do not use binders, folders, clear presentation binders or anything else - just staples in the left upper corner. Do not send any supplementary material!

18) Does my application have to be physically in the Conference of Mayors' offices by March 12, 1999, or is it sufficient to have it postmarked by that date? It has to have been received in the Conference of Mayors' offices by Friday, March 12, 1999.

19) How can I find out if it got there on time? Should I call or what? Complete a stamped, self-addressed postcard and enclose it prominently on the top of the applications. We will mail it to you.

20) What if I forget to include a self-addressed stamped envelope? Just mail the postcard to Kay Scrimger, and she will return it immediately to let you know we have received the application.