USCM and DuPont
Lead-SafeÖfor Kidsí Sake grant program

One of the major components of CUSP is the Lead-Safe for Kids Sake grant program. By blending financial support and scientific know-how from DuPont, the USCM and DuPont are assisting mayors in making their neighborhoods safer and smarter. This grant program focuses on innovation and results. By rewarding cities for taking direct action to lessen the occurrence of childhood lead poisoning, the USCM and DuPont are part of the solution by making our cities healthier.

Since 2002 $3 million dollars has been granted to cities from DuPont through Lead-Safe for Kidís Sake. Over 30 cities are now closer to being lead-safe because of the USCM and DuPontís partnership. Through the USCM, mayors are supplying laboratories in which to test ideas and methods on making neighborhoods lead-safe, while DuPont rewards the innovative thought. Through this grant program, the USCM and DuPont hope to encourage cities both big and small from all regions of the country to get lead efforts to make their communities lead-safe.

The winning applications are posted on the web-site under best practices. We will occasionally be posting previous winning and non-winning applications that we believe are truly best practices. We hope these will assist other cities on learning how to make their cities lead-safe.

The 2011 Lead-Safe for Kidsí Sake awards competition is underway. Deadlines for submission will be May 13, 2011 and the winners will be announced in Baltimore at the 79th USCM Annual Meeting. Download the application here.

In recognizing and honoring the mayorís best practices with significant resources in cities across the country, DuPont is working with the mayors toward the goal of making America lead-safe.