About The Task Force

The Technology and Innovation Task Force, established in January 2012 during the 80th Winter Meeting, is the Conference' main body discussing new innovations in civic government and the use of technology in cities to make them more efficient, effective, and easier for citizens. The Task Force is chaired by San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

The task force and its members can provide strategic direction to cities by:

  • Creating a vision for the future of cities as engines of innovation and technology
  • Serving as a convener bringing the necessary public and private sector participants – the technology drivers, the business leaders and the mayors - together to discuss the applications of promising technologies and innovative systems to improve our cities.
  • Designing, launching and participating in projects and endeavors which demonstrate how innovation and technology can create economic and social value for our cities and residents.

Open Government Innovation Partnership

The U.S. Conference of Mayors' Open Government Innovation Partnership establishes the objectives of strengthening and increasing cities' visibility of new norms around openness, innovation, participation, collaboration and accountability in government, showcase the leadership of cities highlighting innovations, secure concrete commitments that will make our city governments more efficient and effective and empower third party organizations as a critical partner in the effort to jump start innovation.

Current Action Plans

The following cities have released action plans:

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Read more about the Open Government Innovation Partnership Pledge.