Open Government Innovation Partnership


  1. Strengthen and increase cities' visibility of new norms around openness, innovation, participation, collaboration and accountability in government.
  2. Showcase the leadership of cities highlighting innovations and creative best practices with broad appeal, and facilitating the creation of opportunities for cities to learn from one another and the non-governmental sector.
  3. Secure concrete commitments that will make our city governments more efficient, effective, and responsive and that signal our individual and collective embrace of open government innovation.
  4. Empower third party organizations as a critical partner in the effort to jump start innovation and in the process, make government more efficient, effective, and responsive to citizens.

Core Elements

The first core element is a voluntary declaration by cities that expresses shared beliefs about the role of openness, citizen engagement, promoting innovation and growth and improving performance. The declaration comprises high-level common commitments to changing the way that city governments do business, while encouraging city-specific innovations to flourish.

The following is the voluntary declaration:

  1. We pledge to encourage, support and enable the liberation of data at all levels of government and the private sector to spur entrepreneurship, foster economic growth and create jobs
  2. We pledge to advocate for and support legislation that spurs national innovation through reformed policies which would help American companies attract and retain the best and the brightest workers
  3. We pledge to urge cities, states, and the Federal government to collaborate with one another to build the information technology and communications infrastructure necessary of open innovation
  4. We pledge to support initiatives that direct resources to harness the capability of metro economies nationwide in developing regional industry, innovation and export clusters
  5. We pledge to enhance openness in all that we do, invite citizen participation in the development of legislative and administrative functions

Concrete Commitments

Second, to ensure that the partnership process drives action, the declaration will be coupled with concrete action plans from city governments developed with public consultation and feedback. The partnership will develop a steering committee that will guide the partnership through its development. The goal would be to have two rounds of announcements of cities' commitments under this effort, with Round 1 announcements in January 2013 to coincide with USCM's winter meeting. Round 2 city commitment announcements would be set in June 2013 to coincide with USCM's annual meeting. The action plans will:

  1. Promote transparency
    • Enshrine the right to information
    • Promote open data, proactive disclosure
    • Transparency commitments in specific sectors or for key, high-value government data
  2. Support a marketplace for entrepreneurship
    • Working within the city to incubate new ideas and ways to test them
    • Working outside the city to develop relationship with citizens, small businesses, and other organizations willing to partner with cities to create open innovation
    • Development of new products, services, and delivery models that take advantage of this marketplace for entrepreneurship
  3. Energize civic engagement and collaboration
    • Enhance citizen participation in open innovation activities
    • Create vehicles for community-driven collaboration
  4. Leverage new technologies
    • Use web based, API-enabled, and open source technologies
    • Facilitate online discussions and consultations related to policy-making (e.g. open rule-making, public deliberation)
    • Experiment with citizen feedback and complaint mechanisms
    • Utilize prizes and challenges to tap dispersed knowledge
Download a PDF version of the Open Government Innovation Partnership