2016 Mayors Compact for a Better America: 16 Points for the 2016 Mayors Compact

  1. Recognize, support, and strengthen the Metro-City Economic Engines that drive our national economy
  2. Invest in and modernize our D+ rated transportation system
  3. Educate and train a 21st Century USA workforce
  4. Protect our streets, neighborhoods, and national borders
  5. Fix our broken immigration system
  6. Develop healthy, safe, affordable, and modern water and wastewater systems
  7. Spark community development – create affordable housing and fully fund the CDBG program
  8. Expand clean energy use to grow the economy and protect the climate and environment--urbanize the Department of Energy
  9. Promote broadband access, technology, and innovation in our cities
  10. Provide access to healthy food, healthcare, and mental health services
  11. Enact new tax policy promoting investment to cities and middle class growth – reduce income inequality
  12. Support metro economies through trade and export production
  13. Vigorously promote international travel and tourism to USA cities
  14. Support an expanded National Endowment for the Arts – elevate the Arts and Tourism to Cabinet level
  15. Stop sending unfunded federal mandates to our cities
  16. Recruit and include Mayors and Local Officials to serve in the Federal Executive Departments and The White House

Join with the United States Conference of Mayors in the 2016 Presidential Campaign

to elect a new President committed to work with us to keep our cities strong and to serve all the people of our cities across the USA!

  • 84th Winter Meeting Washington DC - January 20-22
  • 84th Annual Meeting Indianapolis - June 24-27
  • Republican National Convention Cleveland - July 18-21
  • Democratic National Convention Philadelphia - July 25-28

2016 USCM Events

  • February 1 Iowa Caucuses through June 28 Utah Primary
  • USCM Forums September and October 2016

USCM at the 2016 Iowa Brown and Black Fourm