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Upcoming Meetings

For information about any of these meetings, please contact: Carol Edwards at (202-293-7330).

2014 Meetings

National Community Development Week

April 21-26 (Monday-Saturday)
Washington, DC

Contact: Gene Lowe (202-861-6710)

Tourism, Arts, Parks, Entertainment and Sports (TAPES) Committee Meeting

April 25-26 (Friday-Saturday)
New Orleans

Registration Open

Contact: Jocelyn Bogen (202-861-6727)

82nd Annual Conference of Mayors

June 20-23 (Friday-Monday)

Online Registration Open

Contact: Carol Edwards (202-293-7330)
Sponsorship Contact: Geri Powell (202-861-6774)

USCM Community Policing Meeting at Clinton Presidential Center, and USCM Ports/Exports and Imports Meeting

  • Community Policing: October 8-9 (Wednesday-Thursday)
  • Ports/Exports and Imports: October 10 (Friday)
Little Rock

Registration Available Soon

Contact: Carol Edwards (202-293-7330)
Sponsorship Contact: Geri Powell (202-861-6774)

Municipal Waste Management Association (MWMA) Fall Summit

October 15-17 (Wednesday-Friday)
San Diego, CA

Registration Available June

Contact: Jubi Headley (202-861-6798)