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Membership Standing Committee



To develop and expand the U.S. Conference of Mayors membership base of Mayors from cities over 30,000 in population; to provide services and information to new and potential members; and to assist in program support services designed to retain existing members.

Range and Status of Membership

All U.S. Mayors from cities with a population 30,000 and above are eligible for full voting membership in the U.S. Conference of Mayors.  In addition to voting on policy at the Annual Meeting, dues-paying members serve on committees of the Conference, and benefit from technical assistance and other services of the Conference.  There are 1,200 cities in the U.S. with populations over 30,000.  Associate membership is available to those cities under 30,000 populations.  Mayors who are Associate Members can’t vote on Conference policy or hold office in the Conference leadership. 

 Brief History and Activities

In 1987, a Conference Membership Committee was formed to discuss ways to increase membership, and also advise on policy questions which affect Conference by-laws and structure.  The Membership Committee meets during both the Annual and Winter meetings of the Conference.

 Priority activities are to:

·        Provide outreach to existing members who are not active in Conference of Mayors’ activities.

·        Promote the Conference of Mayors and recruit new members at Conference meetings and events, selected State Municipal League meetings, and other national public interest group conferences.

·        Work closely with the Membership Committee Chair and members to lend support to the “buddy system” which attempts to increase membership through member mayors’ personal contacts with non-members.



Piscataway (NJ) Mayor Wahler Presents

New Membership Campaign

The Membership Standing Committee met June 12 during the U.S. Conference of Mayors 77th Annual Meeting in Providence (RI). Piscataway (NJ) Mayor Brian Wahler, Chair of the Membership Committee, presented mayors with a new strategy for improving recruitment and retention. “Our organization is only as strong as its membership,” Wahler explained. “It is time for all mayors to play an active role in the support of the Conference of Mayors — not just look to it when advocacy or services are needed.”

 Wahler’s recruitment and retention strategy “One Mayor, One Member” is designed to increase membership and engage both current members and nonmembers. From now until June 2010, current members will be rewarded for recruiting new members by receiving a discount on registration at either the Winter Meeting in Washington (DC) or at the78th Annual Meeting in Oklahoma City. Those new “recruits” will also receive the same discount. Furthermore, the mayor that recruits the most new members will receive a free meeting registration.

 Another element of the “One Mayor, One Member” campaign is the State Ambassador Program. Shortly following the 77th Annual Meeting, each state will be appointed an “Ambassador Mayor” that will represent the state and lead membership efforts. Wahler noted that “the most successful recruitment efforts are from one fellow mayor to another.”


Membership Strategy Presented at 77th Annual Luncheon for City Livability Awards

 Mayor Wahler presented the membership campaign at the 77th Annual Luncheon for City Livability Awards. He commended his fellow mayors for coming together and being “front and center” in the national debate on economic recovery and stated that, “The positive outcome in legislation was made possible by this organization’s groundwork that was laid over many years.” He gave some examples of the Conference’s work, such as the Community Development Block Grant, changes in transportation policy, public safety and community policing and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant.  Wahler stated, “We will not be able to build on these achievements without a strong united voice and without a strong robust membership. We need to remind our colleagues not here today what this organization does and what it means to towns and cities across America”.  In the weeks and months ahead, the Membership Committee will be working with the Conference leadership to launch a year long membership campaign.

 This effort is focused on expanding and reaching out to our nation’s mayors and increased participation within the Conference of Mayors. Wahler called on his fellow mayors stating, “As Chair, I need your help and your engagement as we work to broaden and further the strength and capacity to serve America’s cities and its citizens. We have great opportunities to make changes and reform federal policy that are long overdue.” Wahler concluded, “We have new leaders in Washington that make these changes achievable, but to do so one must have a strong and united voice and build upon a broad and deep membership across the United States.”



If you would like to join the Membership Standing Committee, please contact Katie Pirolt at 202.861.6714 or



For information about Membership issues, please contact:

Katie Pirolt
Membership Manager
U.S. Conference of Mayors
1620 I St., NW, 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 861-6714 (w)
(202) 293-2352 (f)