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About Us

As the environmental affiliate of The United States Conference of Mayors, MWMA is dedicated to and driven by the needs of municipal solid waste directors, environmental commissioners and public works professionals. Formed in 1982, our mission is to impact policy, share best practices, promote operational efficiencies, and provide information on innovations in the delivery of integrated waste management services. MWMA, or the Municipal Waste Management Association,  is a national membership association, representing solid waste directors, environmental commissioners, and other municipal solid waste decision makers from major cities, counties, and other local and regional public authorities and agencies across the country.

Keith S. Hackett
Division Director, Metro Solid Waste Management, Department of Public Works and Assets
City of Louisville, KY

1st Vice President
Harry J. Hayes
Chief Operating Officer 
City of Houston, TX

Paul F. Alcantar
Commissioner, Solid Waste
City of Cleveland, OH

Kevin A. Bennett
(Past President)
Sr. Program Manager, Division of Waste Management, Department of Environmental Quality & Public Works
Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, KY

Mike Carroll (Past President)
Solid Waste Division Manager, Department of Public Works
City of Orlando, FL

Chris Conway
Director of Public Works
City of Montgomery, AL

Alexander E. Helou
Assistant Director, Bureau of Sanitation
City of Los Angeles, CA

David Herberholz
Director, Solid Waste & Recycling Division

City of Minneapolis, MN

Lori M. K. Kahikina, P.E.
Director, Department of Environmental Services
City and County of Honolulu, HI

Chris Knight
Waste  Management Manager
City of Stillwater, OK
Ann Saurman
Manager, Bureau of Recycling & Solid Waste
City of Allentown, PA

Benjamin Shirley (Past President)
Sanitation Director
City of St. Petersburg, FL

Mario Sierra
Director, Environmental Services Department
City of San Diego, CA

Shirlene Sitton
Environmental Services Division Director
City of Santa Fe, NM

Ken Snipes
Solid Waste Director
Seattle Public Utilities

Ginger Spencer
Assistant Director of Public Works
City of Phoenix, AZ

Lars Williams
Director, Solid Waste Management
City and County of Denver, CO

For information please contact:

Judy Sheahan
Assistant Executive Director,
The U.S. Conference of Mayors
(202) 861-6775

Jubi Headley
Managing Director
Municipal Waste Management Association
(202) 861-6798