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Leveraging Contracting/Purchasing to Increase Business Recycling in Your Community

Many municipal solid waste managers are frustrated by the ongoing challenge of limited implementation of recycling by the commercial sector—in particular, business locations. The issue goes beyond simple noncompliance – many businesses mistakenly believe that they are required to use a particular waste collector, or that they are “stuck” with their current service level. In other cases, waste collection contracts are structured so that they actually provide an economic disincentive to recycle. These challenges complicate local communities’ efforts to educate and convince businesses to recycle. Yet, when empowered to do so, municipal managers can assist businesses with procuring collection contracts that work in the interest of recycling and waste reduction. Kate Vasquez, Senior Consultant at Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc. was on hand to discuss a variety strategies municipalities can use to help local businesses recycle better and more.  

2015 Municipal Waste Management Association (MWMA) Fall Summit
Monday October 12th - Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 | Evanston, IL

The Fall Summit brought together public sector leaders with private sector executives to discuss trends, emerging technologies, and best practices in solid waste, recycling, fleet management, product stewardship, sustainability, disaster preparedness and other issues. Click on the link above to visit our Virtual Conference Center and review the agenda and presentations from this year's event.

Plastic Bag Bans and Fees: How They're Working in Selected Cities

Although plastic grocery bags make up just 15% of film plastic discards in the United States and a small percentage of the overall waste stream, they have become the target of a wide array of legislative and management strategies nationwide. This webinar examined two different and increasingly popular legislative options for reducing the use of plastic bags in communities – bans, and fees/taxes. Representatives of municipalities that implemented these strategies (Los Angeles, CA and Washington, DC) discussed the history, benefits and drawbacks to each of their models, the successes they've achieved and/or challenges they've faced, and their advice to municipalities that might be considering one of these strategies.  

Presenters (click on the presenter's name to download a PDF of their presentation):

  • Kate Judson, Environmental Protection Specialist, Washington, DC Dept. of the Environment

  • Jinderpal Bhandal, Environmental Specialist, City of Los Angeles Department of Sanitation

Turning Garbage Into Gold: Evaluating Emerging Solid Waste Technologies

Every day, it seems there’s another technology emerging that promises to divert more tons of waste from landfills, while offering energy recovery and a host of other economic and environmental benefits. During this webinar presenter Rick Sapir (a partner with Hawkins, Delafield & Wood LLP) discussed the many factors that cities need to account for when making a decision about whether to implement any emerging technology. He covered issues such as feasibility/scalability, project ownership and assumption of risk, options for financing mechanisms, and more.


Five Driver Behaviors That Might Contribute to Collisions - And How to Address Them: RePlay the Webinar NOW

There are any number of factors that can contribute to collisions in your solid waste fleet - some of them beyond your control. You can, however, monitor driver behavior, and provide coaching to reduce behavior-related collisions. In this session you'll learn about the five driver behaviors that most frequently contribute to collisions, and also learn strategies for addressing those behaviors.

To play the webinar, click on the “RePlay!” link above, or cut and paste this URL into your web browser:

10 Things You Should Do in the New Year to Improve Safety

Despite significant safety improvements, solid waste collection continues to be one of America's most dangerous jobs. This presentation covers some of the most effective strategies you can implement in your department to increase safety, and save long-term costs as well.

Presenter: David Biderman, General Counsel and Director, Safety, NSWMA
View David's presentation

Single Stream Recycling - or, The Carted Dream

So many cities are moving toward "single stream" as a cost-effective way to collect and process a city's recyclables. But with the costs of carts and equipment conversion, among other considerations, it often becomes a distant goal for many municipalities. In this session, learned how two cities made the switch, and made it work for them financially.  They also heard from the private sector about ways to achieve conversion cost-effectively. Take a look at presentations by:

Five Cost-Saving Solutions to Cut $1 Million from Your Solid Waste Budget

This presentation by Orlando solid waste manager and MWMA Past President Mike Carroll includes common-sense ideas to trim - and maximize - the municipal solid waste budget.

Download the PowerPoint presentation

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