October 12, 2001

Mayors Praise Senate Action on Aviation Security
Morial and Hahn Say Airport Security Federalization Will Help Boost Consumer Confidence

Washington, DC -- Mayors today praised the U.S. Senate for voting 100-0 in favor of legislation to federalize airport security at the nation's largest airports. The U.S. Conference of Mayors has been lobbying for federalization since the September 11 terrorist attack.

"This is a win for the American people," said New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial, President of the Conference. "Federalizing airport security is the best way to help restore the confidence of the American people in the safety of our air transportation system."

The Senate bill includes the federalization of passenger and baggage security screening at all hub airports, additional flexibility in the use of airport improvement grants and passenger facility charges for security improvements, and new funding authorization for reimbursement of airport security costs to comply with recent FAA security directives.

"Federalizing passenger and baggage screening is crucial to the safety and security of our nation's airports and travelers," said Los Angeles Mayor Jim Hahn, who chaired a task force of mayors that issued detailed recommendations for improving airport security and economic viability. "I am pleased that the U.S. Senate listened and responded to the call of mayors around the country to help make our airports safer. I urge members of the House to also support these important improvements to our aviation system."

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