Press Release

Nation's Mayors Call on House of Representatives to Pass Meaningful Gun Safety Legislation and Resist NRA-Backed Efforts to Significantly Weaken Senate-Passed Provisions

Meeting in New Orleans, mayors from across the nation called on the House of Representatives to pass meaningful gun safety legislation, and resist NRA-backed efforts to significantly weaken Senate-passed provisions.

In a letter signed by over 100 mayors, the Conference called on House Speaker Dennis Hastert (IL) to approve a rule which allowed for an open and meaningful debate, and to support legislation which, as a minimum, included:

The letter emerged from a meeting of the Gun Violence Task Force, which was co-chaired by Mayors Clarence Harmon of St. Louis and Scott L. King of Gary. During a press conference following the meeting, Mayor King stated that the objective is to "put faces on gun violence statistics" and say, "enough is enough."

In expressing serious concern with reports that the House would be watering down the Senate-passed bill, New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial said, "we want a meaningful bill with teeth, not just good copy for members of the House."

Arlington Heights Mayor Arlene Mulder stated, "This is not about gun control, its about gun safety."