March 29, 2001

Mayors and CEO's to Meet with Bush at the White House
Mayors, CEO's to Convene "National Summit on Investment in the New American City";Groundbreaking Poll on Small Business Owners' Economic Outlook to be Released

Summit on Investment in the New American City
April 4-5, 2001

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WHAT: National Summit on Investment in the New American City

WHEN: April 4-5, 2001

WHERE: The Ritz Carlton, 1150 22nd Street, NW, Washington, DC


The "National Summit for Investment in the New American City" will convene 60 Mayors and corporate CEO's to focus the current economic strength of America's cities, and on specific areas in which public and private investment strategies could remove barriers to continued growth in cities, and create new opportunities and resources. Issues which will be covered at the Summit include addressing the skills shortage in America's workforce; brownfields redevelopment; the need for more affordable housing in cities; and rebuilding aging infrastructure in cities. The Summit is being led by Conference President and Boise Mayor H. Brent Coles.

"Mayors today are as much entrepreneurs and CEOs as Fortune 500 executives are," said Conference Executive Director J. Thomas Cochran in announcing the Summit. "That's why our cities are more exciting places to live, with greater opportunities and quality of life, than ever before. But to keep the economy growing, we've got to talk about continued investment in our cities. By convening this Summit we're bringing a strong message to the new Administration and Congress: Mayors have innovative ideas about what policies will help our nation continue to grow, and our ideas have the support of corporate leaders across America."

For the first time in his Presidency, President Bush will meet with the Mayors on Thursday, April 5 at the White House. During the meeting with the President Mayors and CEOs hope to discuss ways in which the federal government can partner with cities and business to encourage investment in cities. In addition, HUD Secretary Mel Martinez and EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman are scheduled to participate in the discussions on Thursday.

At the Summit the Mayors will also release a groundbreaking poll that documents the views of hundreds of small business owners from across the nation on prospects for their local economy and the national economy, as well as their opinions on what strategies their local, state, and federal government can employ to bolster small business in America. This poll will be used to set a benchmark by which, in future years, small business owners' economic outlook can be measured.

"Local Mayors aggressively advocate for small business development and growth in their cities," said George Cloutier, CEO of American Management Services and founder of Partner America, a public-private partnership between the Conference of Mayors and AMS. "If we invest in our small businesses, we are investing in the future success of our cities. This poll will help to educate us what small businesses feel they need to succeed in our cities."

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